Desperate Times & Desperate Measures: Venom #1 Review

Desperate Times & Desperate Measures: Venom #1 Review

Time for a slew of #1’s under the new Marvel NOW! 2.0 lineup with everyone skipping past the end of the delayed Civil War II; which by the writing of this, still isn’t over. I’ve read a few great new #1’s with Unworthy Thor and Thanos being my favourite, but now the one I’ve been waiting for is finally here, Venom #1. After Venom’s brief tenure as an Agent of the Cosmos, Flash and Venom found themselves on Earth dealing with their Civil War II Tie-in and helping their lost pupil Mania. I’m ecstatic that we’ve made it through Venom: Space Knight and into a new era for the recently redeemed symbiote; as you can read on my previous review of Venom: Space Knight #9, I didn’t much care for that series as a whole but finally we’re in new and nearly familiar territory.

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Will the Real Venom Please Stand Up – Venom: Space Knight #9

I guess it’s a bit different that I’m skipping writing about the #1 of this series, but to be honest, I haven’t very much liked the Venom: Space Knight series so far. It’s an interesting take on Venom, send the symbiote back to space and learn a bit more about what they are. At first it sounds like a great premise that’s ripe with possibilities, but it turns into a generic space adventure with little on the line for Venom. That was until the two latest issues, which I’ll try to avoid spoilers but there will be some.venom-sk-cover9 Continue reading “Will the Real Venom Please Stand Up – Venom: Space Knight #9”