In Case You’re Wondering, Yes, Steve Rogers is still Hailin’ Hydra – Captain America: Steve Rogers #4 [Review]

Here we are, halfway through Civil War II, wading through all the different tie-in issues and short series including Spider-Man, X-Men, and our favourite red, white and blue newly made fascist, Captain America. Just as the title says, Steve Rogers is still a secret hydra agent and in this tie-in we get some good, but sort of obvious, idea of what he is planning. I’ve seen a few posts on CBR and other websites straight up spoiling the end of the book, I won’t be doing that here.

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Marvel Vs DC – The Ongoing War for Wednesday

As far back as I can remember in comics there’s always been a divide between two of the biggest publishers in comics, Marvel and DC. It’s a rivalry that’s made comics as a whole better and more enjoyable and pushed each publisher to make incredible characters and stories. Each year we see events and story lines that are created to help sell comics; Marvel trying to do a spring and summer event, each tying together and making it a whole year thing. From afar this seems like a smart idea, keep readers engaged and have it create massive change for their characters, but has it gone too far?

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Tony is Upset: Civil War II Issue #2

This week we got the second issue of the Civil War II, Marvel Comics summer event, and we’re starting to see Tony take action from the fallout of issue #1. It wasn’t a very long issue but there was some great stuff in it and sets up more in the story. For anyone who hasn’t read issue 0, 1, or 2 of Civil War II there will be spoilers, I’ll try to not reveal too much but expect a few here and there.

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Captain America’s Ultimate Secret (SPOILERS – you’ve been warned)

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