The Story behind the Story: Compulsory Knowledge for Video Game Movies

The era of geek is upon us, as much as I dislike this sentiment it’s here and without you knowing, it’s changed the way movies are made. Fan’s have made a difference in the stories that are adapted and what makes money for studios in the post-cinematic universe world. Video games and comic books are being adapted in a more faithful way than movies we started seeing in the 90’s were but there is still some issues that need to be examined.

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Is E3 Important Anymore?

E3-logoBeing less than a week away from E3 I thought to myself, is E3 in its current state as important as it used to be? For anyone confused, E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, a week-long event for video game companies to talk about the games and tech they create. E3’s a great time if you love video games; tons of new games are announced, games get release dates, we get to see upcoming releases, tons of interviews and information come from this event. Continue reading “Is E3 Important Anymore?”

Don’t touch my game code!

With the release of GTA 5 on PC, players have already taken it upon themselves to modify the game and see what silly times can be had in Los Santos. At first there was only mods to change the rendering effects and have greater control on how pretty you could make your game look, but now you can shoot cars out of handguns, kick vehicles into the stratosphere, cross the street as a chicken, and much more.

The only thing is, if you want to utilize the games online servers or social club you’ll have to decide; do I want to mod my game or have the ability to play online with friends.

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