The Inhumans and X-Men have finally finished their fighting and it’s hard to say if there was a winning side or even a winner who could have had the moral high ground. Maybe that was the point, a grand gesture in excising the status quo. Either way, we’re off to a new beginning with some of our favourite X-men coming back together to do what heroes should do, make the world a better place. Even if that world doesn’t want them. I’ll keep the spoilers to a minimum for this issue as I usually do but be warned I will talk about small plot points through my review of the base story of this issue and IvX.   

Last week, X-Men Prime #1 came out and set the stage for X-Men Gold, X-Men Blue, and Weapon X, three of the new X-books being released this year. On again, off again X-Man/Guardian of the Galaxy Kitty Pryde returns to lead the team in X-Men Gold, replacing Storm as team leader, after feeling she’s failed the X-Men for leading them into a war with the Inhumans. In this first issue we get acquainted with the members of our new team throwing down with Terrax the Tamer in the streets of New York. Already in this first issue we see the team coming together to take down Terrax after looking like they’ve been going toe-to-toe for a while. This team configuration feels familiar enough that you should be excited to see some great moment on and off the battlefield between our X-Men.


Writer Marc Guggenheim has set up the beginning of a what will be a fun series with an amazing cast of characters that I feel will bring some much-needed adventure and levity back to the X-Men. We’ve only just begun to see what might unfold for our favourite mutants, with Kitty and Colossus experiencing enough emotional tension you could cut it with a blunt spoon. We also have a budding grandfather-daughter relationship with Old Man Logan and Kitty, and finally Rachel Grey is now going by the alias Prestige in an attempt to from a new beginning, separate from her form time with the Phoenix Force. All of this is still mired by the IvX conflict pushing Human/Mutant relations back a fair bit, which isn’t a surprise for the X-Men.


As the Gold title suggests, the colors in this issue are very warm, with every heroes costume featuring reds, oranges, and yellows. The pencils provide a very clear and detailed look for this book, clean and precise with little rough edges or bleeding colors. The art team of Ardian Syaf, Jay Leisten, and Frank Martin have done a wonderful job, but in comparison to other books that dominate their own style and make for a visual marvel, it feels very by the book. The art doesn’t take very many chances, but it’s still evokes the X-Men and a new, hopefully brighter, dawn.


With as strong a start that this book has, I’m excited to keep reading and experience whatever adventure Marc Guggenheim take us on. This first issue, from start to finish, feels like a breath of fresh air that even though it feels familiar it’s still very refreshing after the last 6 months. I can definitely recommend this book, although it has a lot of references to older x-men stories and requires a fair bit of current knowledge to understand the interpersonal relationships of some characters, theres enough to enjoy and want to know more. The one question is, can this series trappings of Marvel’s Secret Empire long enough to see this team come together for some amazing stories?

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