I Wonder What Brain Tastes Like: Weird Detective #2

It’s here, after a month of waiting, Weird Detective Issue #2 is out and oh boy is it a treat. In this 2nd issue, we learn a little more about what exactly Detective Sebastian Greene is able, and willing, to do. Although this book is about half the length of the 1st issue, it moves the story forward at an excellent pace and does not disappoint. I may need to talk about some of the events that happened in the previous issue or some other spoiler-y bits, but as always I’ll avoid as much as possible.


Jumping straight in, we have Detective Fayez fighting against a group of monstrous thugs who look a little too green around the gills, literally. Fayez doesn’t seem all that thrown off by the pea green thugs while she tosses them around the park; this feels indicative of not only Fayez’s, but everyone’s ignorance to the weird going on around them in the world. As this is a story dealing with Lovecraftian lore and ideas, ignorance of the unknown is a major theme here as well as in many of HP Lovecraft’s original stories. The dialogue in this issue, specifically the conversations in the police station and between the different detectives and the police chief, are much better compared to issue #1.


This issue has one of the strangest and by far my favorite page in this series so far, with the toilet scene from the last issue coming in a close second (shown above). It turns out that another one of Sebastian’s senses is Prubika, which is the sense of mind reading…by use of tongue? As strange as this might look and sound, I thought it added and extra layer of absurdity to what Sebastian can do; as well I can easily imagine a character from another dimension doing something like this, with or without the mind reading. By now we have him able to do so much and now he can lick your brain to see what you’re thinking, it’s incredible. If the book ended here I think I’d be satisfied with that. Thankfully, there is still some really great scenes after this that setup the next few issues and some possible roadblocks for our Weird Detective.


The art by Guiu Vilanova in this book is fantastic and although there isn’t a lot of opportunity for supremely weird or psychedelic art, it meshes both styles of lovecraftian horror and police noir superbly. The colors done by Mauríco Wallace do a great job in visually pacing the issue, being bland when not a whole lot is happening and then really ramping up the bright colors and contrasting panels when things are heating up. Together the art and coloring bring Sebastian’s incredible weirdness to life and creates the perfect mood for investigating eldritch horrors.


Overall this issue great and now I’m thinking about how it might not be another month until I get to see what happen’s next. The writing, plot, and art in Weird Detective #2 come together to make a supremely intriguing page turner. If you haven’t started reading Weird Detective, I highly recommend this fledgling series as it is leading to some great places and you don’t wanna be left behind.


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