Is E3 Important Anymore?

E3-logoBeing less than a week away from E3 I thought to myself, is E3 in its current state as important as it used to be? For anyone confused, E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, a week-long event for video game companies to talk about the games and tech they create. E3’s a great time if you love video games; tons of new games are announced, games get release dates, we get to see upcoming releases, tons of interviews and information come from this event. Continue reading “Is E3 Important Anymore?”


Lex Luthor Why?

With the Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition coming out soon, I wanted to talk about Lex Luthor’s motivations and resulting actions in BvS:DoJ. There will be major plot SPOILERS so if you haven’t seen the movie yet go check it out and see what you think. 


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Apocalypse and the four mutants he stumbled into first.

X-Men Apocalypse came to theaters May 19th 2016, as with most comic book movies I went to see it day one. I’ll admit that good, bad, or just plain terrible, x-men-apocalypse-poster-trailer1I’ll pay to see every comic book movie in theaters because I love them; or at least I try my hardest to love them. This latest X-Men movie though, it’s left me fatigued and losing hope in the X-men franchise.

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Captain America’s Ultimate Secret (SPOILERS – you’ve been warned)

In the last week of May 2016, I was looking at Marvel’s lineup for that week, waiting for the mildly anticipated Civil War II #1 when I noticed they had started Captain America back at #1. Lots of titles this year had been started at #1’s again with the All-New, All-Different branding after Secret Wars technically re-wrote the multi-verse to a very familiar but still very different place. Continue reading “Captain America’s Ultimate Secret (SPOILERS – you’ve been warned)”