Traveling through the Eververse: Black Science Vol. 1

I review a lot of the books from the two big names in comics, Marvel & DC, and not that often about books from other publishers. I have written a review for Weird Detective #1 which you can check out here, but it’s time to look over a book I started last year and only recently picked back up, Black Science. With the release of Black Science on Comixology Unlimited I figured I’d check out issue #6 and give my review for the first volume from Image Comics. There may spoilers within this review, there always is some in my reviews, but I’ll keep it to a minimum if possible.


Black Science throws you into the story straight away following Grant McKay, an anarchist scientist, running through incredible alien worlds and usually from the indigenous population. Grant and his team have traveled through the Eververse, the multidimensional landscape where all decisions have the effect of creating infinite parallel worlds. They go between these different realities using the Pillar, a piece of technology created by Grant and his team, but someone has sabotaged it and stranded them in the Eververse. In this first volume we learn a good deal about Grant and how messed up and broken he is. We learn about the state of his marriage (rocky) and his relationship with his children (also rockey). We really get a sense of Grant’s character and why he’s motivated, hopefully we get to see this level of detail for the rest of the major characters.


The thing I like most about this book is the characters; they all feel like real people acting in a real way to their very surreal surroundings. Grant struggles with balancing his family / work life, his team are all pushed to their limits and are both scared and amazed about what they’re seeing during their adventure. There’s a great comradery between Grant and his companions they all have his back and think he’s a great man and revolutionary scientist, aside from Kadir. Kadir is the investor who bankrolls Grant’s research, quickly in the Eververse we find out he’s a coward and is only looking out for himself. Rick Remender does a great job in building up these characters in this first volume, making you care about them and need to know whats going to happen to them.


The art in throughout this volume is full of vivid color, intense shadows, amazing world design and some excellent lettering. Each planet they jump to has a unique look and feel, with incredible alien flora and fauna that keeps you interested in what trouble they might find on that planet. The setting of the Eververse allows so much creative freedom in locations and the types of adventures they could have I’m excited to see where this book takes us.


Overall as a book I just stumbled into when I first started looking into Image Comics, i found that it had started to love Black Science. Seeing these troubled characters stranded with little hope in finding a way home has me excited for the depth this book can have. There is a vast landscape for the stories and adventures to be had within it and that is so far accompanied with some fantastic and enthralling art. I can easily recommend Black Science to anyone who loves sci-fi and adventure.

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