Batman’s Crash Course in Flying: DC Rebirth – Batman #1

DC Rebirth is here to set the DC Universe back on track with all new #1’s taking place 1 year after their respective series. This is also to give time to wrap up the other ongoing books or have their stories catch up. I’ll be honest, I haven’t read a Batman book in a long time but Batman #1 feels like the start of a great series and I think stays true to the character. Going forward there may be some spoilers but like my last review, which you can check out here, I’ll try to keep them to a minimum.


We start off this Batman #1 with the story arc “I AM GOTHAM” which we’ll see come into play later in the book but based on the cover, I’m sure you can figure it out how. This book takes no time to throw Batman into the deep end with huge stakes on the line for Gotham City as well as pushing Batman to his limits. Writer Tom King delivers an amazing script highlighting a very calculated Batman, a frustrated Jim Gordon, and new member of the Bat Fam, Duke Thomas, whose still a bit wet behind the ears. There are some fantastic moments filled with tension and incredible feats of ingenuity by Batman involving the Batmobile and a plane crashing over Downtown Gotham. Tom King’s also thrown a few nods to Batman creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger in here that are easy to spot if you’re familiar with just the names. Not only does the writing come off as serious and intelligent, we do have a good bit of humor throughout this issue too.



The art is also spot on in this book with David Finch penciling and Matt Banning inking the issue. Gotham City takes on a beautiful contrasting golden orange to the stark greys and blues of Batman. Some of the faces do come off a bit distorted and overly detailed but I believe it’s used to accentuate the stress these characters are feeling for the very intense ticking clock situation in this issue. The detail is fantastic and shadows really make it feel like a Gotham even someone who hasn’t read a Batman book can recognize.


This book leaves me wanting for the next issue and even wanting to pick up some other DC titles just to get more Batman. I highly recommend this book as it introduces some mysteries and interesting new developments that will affect the Bat Family of Gotham City in ways we can’t be too sure off yet.

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