Tony is Upset: Civil War II Issue #2

This week we got the second issue of the Civil War II, Marvel Comics summer event, and we’re starting to see Tony take action from the fallout of issue #1. It wasn’t a very long issue but there was some great stuff in it and sets up more in the story. For anyone who hasn’t read issue 0, 1, or 2 of Civil War II there will be spoilers, I’ll try to not reveal too much but expect a few here and there.


From the first few pages, we see Iron Man sneaking into New Attilan located in the Upper New York Bay. Tony is noticeably upset, furious in fact over the events of Civil War II #0 & #1; the new inhuman Ulysses had a vision of Thanos attacking and the Ultimates went in with War Machine aka James Rhodes (Iron Man’s BFF). War Machine didn’t make it though, we find out in FCBD issue #0 and #1 that Thanos killed War Machine with a cosmic punch to the chest. Now Tony blames everyone involved, mostly Ulysses though, regardless of actually stopping Thanos from obtaining the last Cosmic Cube. Tony has a plan though that, as irrational as he is right now, he needs to know how Ulysses’ precognitive Minority Report power works.


This issue sets up Tony as the rebel, having allies go on secret missions for him as well as resort to some unorthodox methods of testing Ulysses. The Inhumans and the Ultimates work together to locate Tony before he can start something he wouldn’t be able to take back. Tony is still acting witty and like we expect him to act in any other situation, but it seems a little odd that with the death of Rhodey he still comes off as sarcastic. I could still feel that he was hurting and broken as he was resorting to doing whatever is necessary to learn more about Ulysses’ visions and whether they’re affected by his own personal bias.

This week we also got a Civil War II #1 issue for X-Men which sets up some conflict within the X-Men as well as the Inhumans after being saved due to a prediction from  Ulysses. The tie-in books for Civil War II showing the ripple of Ulysses actions as a precog and how his predictions could force characters into a conflict that could have been avoided.


Overall this wasn’t a bad issue, there wasn’t a whole lot we got after issue #1’s dramatic end and also didn’t setup as much as it possibly could. I’ll definitely keep reading but if you like seeing moral conflicts between your favorite heroes and their ideologies you should start reading. I can’t recommend buying every Civil War II issues as most will likely not contribute much, but I’m liking the X-Men and Spider-Man Civil War II series.

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