Don’t touch my game code!

With the release of GTA 5 on PC, players have already taken it upon themselves to modify the game and see what silly times can be had in Los Santos. At first there was only mods to change the rendering effects and have greater control on how pretty you could make your game look, but now you can shoot cars out of handguns, kick vehicles into the stratosphere, cross the street as a chicken, and much more.

The only thing is, if you want to utilize the games online servers or social club you’ll have to decide; do I want to mod my game or have the ability to play online with friends.

Rockstar is now banning users for modding their game not only in online mode, but offline mode as well. I understand Rockstar’s need to police online users for the use of mods to gain an advantage with their online character; but for something that doesn’t imbalance any competitive challenge it seems incredible that they would act so totalitarian on the subject of mods.

Since the early days of PC gaming people have been using mods as a way to extend the life of a game. You could get way more playtime out of a game you had the option to mod than most console releases at the time. Half-life and Half-life 2 alone spawned not only some of the best mods, but tons of games that live on today such as The recent killing floor 2 and the ever popular cs:go. If you look at GTA 4 you’d see that Rockstar didn’t have much of a problem with users modifying the game to turn themselves into ironman blasting cars in Liberty City. You have to ask yourself, what changed in this iteration of the GTA series? Was it pressure to not allow the tampering of game files, were investors worried that users wouldn’t buy GTA 6 if they could extend GTA 5, or is the possibility people could get away with modding the online mod too great?

Let’s open the converstion about Rockstar’s stance on modding in the comments below.


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